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[Chinese shoes Network - News] on the wrong road halt, it is also a forward. the world's leading sports brand Nike familiar, do the right thing is the strategy, to do things right is a policy in the face of the pressures of rising costs of raw materials under its latest strategy is to its Umbro (Umbro) Football supplies and Cole Haan shoes of these two brands. "This will allow us to reduce industry costs, concentrate on the development of the core product, the ability to focus resources on the greatest potential for Nike for opportunities to continue to drive sustainable, profitable growth." The company CEO Mark - Parker said. In his view, its namesake brand as well as Jordan, Converse and Hurley brands bears more potential, but behind the three brands have "unique customer relationships," Nike brand complement. Nike is not just the past two years, the prospects for economic development in the unknown and the pressure of capital chain tight, most multinational companies based on the actual consideration, broken wrist began to implement a strategic contraction, such as the three major US auto companies sold off Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar and other high-end brands, P & G sold Pringles, Pfizer sold the nutrition business. And these brands, many are they ever acquisition targets, such as Umbro (Umbro) Nike soccer equipment is acquired in 2008. In the numerous "sale" and shift in what is leading their strategy of expansion and contraction of it? "broken wrist": Challenges cut opportunities Like the gecko tails can get out of danger, like the way through the broken wrist to adjust themselves, PKU Management Consulting Group senior partner ???? think that sometimes in order to better attack and defense performed. brand shrinkage is usually carried out step by step according to plan under the guidance of its brand strategy, Nike plans to sell the two brands, in addition to external economic fa jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ctors, but also part of its brand strategy adjustment. Earlier, Nike also has many similar broken wrist action. 2007 Nike $ 60 million sale of its clothing brand STARTER, because its growth performance than Nike's other brands. Nike again after the price of $ 200 million a year, the famous hockey brand Bauer its 1995 price of $ 395 million in acquisitions, sold to a private equity firm Kohlberg, because the brand has been sluggish. In the Pan Yifan opinion, the more opportunities for more good business, as many companies are willing to sell itself to the company, for these big companies, the real challenge is not to find opportunities, but cut opportunities. If the short-term growth, the temptation to expand sales, the beggars acquired businesses seemingly no problem, could cause a lot of trouble for the subsequent development of enterprises. enterprises to adopt contraction strategy, be sure to find the core strengths, most profitable, most customer satisfaction, market position of the highest brand is sure to be retained, he believes, can often cut unprofitable brands and profitability also did not help the development of the main business of the brand. For example, the product line now spans nine categories, with more than 20 international brands of Nestle, in 2008, it specializes in the production of ophthalmic products sold Alcon (Alcon) 77% of the shares. Previously, Nestle has closed or sold a poor business performance of 150 factories, but rarely have the "cash cow" up for sale precedent. "Nestle's main advantage is funded, broad product line, brand influence, but not in the sub-sector and specialized competitors and fine." Jane Epworth Investment Advisor analysts believe that this is also the transformation of Nestle related, it is ready from relying on instant baby food and instant coffee started the old Europe, the transition to a healthy, nutritious, high-tech and personalized jordans on sale online diet advocates. attack expansion Although the strategic contraction generally become multinational response to the international financial crisis and the continuing economic downturn a rational choice. At the same time, some companies based on a future judgment, improve the proportion of emerging markets and emerging industries in the global strategy, to seize the next opportunity and prosperity. Japan's major integrated trading company Marubeni 29 May to $ 3.6 billion on the acquisition of a wholly-owned third-largest US food company GAVILON, get their own food in the nation's more than 140 food distribution centers and large distribution network and in Brazil , Australia and the Ukraine and other major breadbasket of base, which ranks among the world's major grain traders. And in the previous eight days, with companies in Asia, China Dalian Wanda Group signed a merger agreement with the US AMC theater company, Wanda invested $ 2.6 billion acquisition of equity and debt AMC100%. "M & A is indeed a good competitive strategy," General Manager (China) Marketing strategy consulting firm Ries partner Zhang Yun said, but the premise of diversified companies' merger and acquisition should be in the original field, or is the leading brand has done industry-leading position, has the absolute advantage, the dominant firm. For example, Procter & Gamble first Ivory soap to be absolutely advantage began to do other Toyota brand after doing this, he began to make Chrysler. Secondly, the business expansion of the merger, it is better to strengthen the existing brand, there is a direct competitive relationship, such as P & G's acquisition of Pantene, Clairol, both to grasp new opportunities, but also to consolidate the existing brand position. The bad acquisition expansion strategy is two, one is the opportunity to see an industry, it is trying to acquire a company to enter the industry; the other is cheap air jordans the acquisition of complementary businesses, leading companies lose the focus, allow consumers to mental awareness brand confusion. Harvard Business School Professor Michael & middot; Porter in nearly 50 years of M & A case studies found that the failure rate of these two acquisitions was 80%. In addition to mergers and acquisitions itself, the ability to integrate their own is also very important, although P & G also through many acquisitions to grow their own, such as shampoo brand Clairol Herbal series is to acquisitions, but more importantly, in this huge consumer products empire, its product development and research, marketing, planning, improve dissemination system, but can also be formed at its terminal intensive management, the use of synergies between brands form an overall advantage. secret behind the relaxation of One side is to attack the expansion of the enterprise, while the brand's broken wrist contraction seems very contradictory, in fact, that a relaxation between the great hidden mystery. In fact, Zhang Yun fact, many multinational companies have been found in the expansion, contraction, and then expand, then shrink the cycle of wandering. enterprises in the overall expansion strategy, usually after its main business doing better, want to train new growth module by way of diversification of its M & A strategy should be in line with prevailing industry's future needs and company strategy direction. But, after the acquisition, Pan Yifan that the company might find its entry in the field may not be as simple as envisaged originally wanted, or each of the segments may encounter different rival, or because the economic situation The problem, their main business or core brands Gubuguolai other conditions, only conduct business restructuring by refocusing the way, will be unrelated to the core business, or a low degree of brand association to sell. When Ford to sell Volvo, is cheap foamposites for sale the financial crisis, the parent company suffered cash flow problems, the measures had to be taken off the wrist. When the blind expansion has encountered a problem by shrinking focused way can often enhance the competitiveness of enterprises out of the woods. Like General Motors after the original nine brands reorganization only four brands, but quickly achieve profitability. However, driven by growth in capital market requirements, and lower corporate management is not enough clear case, an upward cycle of the enterprise, they often feel that they can do anything, have to expand again, to achieve some " necessary growth. " Since China is not very mature industry now, there are a lot of development in different sectors of space, which is to create a diversified business opportunities. But Halter Financial (China) CEO Zhang Zhihao said that the current and future period of the global economy and financial markets face many uncertainties, while the Chinese economy is also faced with the daunting challenge of steady growth, structural adjustment, the Chinese enterprises in the expansion of cross-border mergers and acquisitions Or is the daily operation, or should adopt a more cautious attitude. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)adidas Skateboarding recently with the French Hé LAS, skateboard brand; to launch a joint series, inspired by the 80s tennis shoes, but also released including jacket, shirt, T-shirt, shorts, POLO, single product variety. this series will be on sale at Adidas Skateboarding website in May 5th. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! Teng Yuan Hao Fragment design x Louis Vuitton exposure of the joint square, the graded color style, with "Loui Cheap air jordans for sale s Vuitton" and "Fragment" words. in addition, as early as last November, the cubs show up again. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!Important Things You Should Know About Reception Retailers Even the exact wedding ring marketplace,90s shoes, there's always questionable many people should be looking to profit by an early wife and husband engaged and getting married. Even tho it's a vacation photographer which nickels and as well ,nike air max griffey 2011, dimes every hardly any deal,nike air for one, or even a costly marriage ceremony counselor owning dollar signs in her eye-sight. In avoiding any and all frustration,nike air max light, trouble and extremely bad ordeals,new air max griffeys, follow these tips which follows and you're simply wedding planning should be worry-free,nike air max 91, preparing more. Create a shrink; this is actually a smart choice. When you find yourself managing a prestigious online business,Techniques to Taking a trip Low cost . . . Look fo, you will notice that could potentially be conventional remedy in advance of doing any company. Never forget; normally to assume one thing,The way to Pay good money for Valentines The right gifts to help you Sweden,dragon red, really look into the details in it together with the affiliate agreement. Whether or not looks like as well positive actually,air max ltd 2, in all probability it is without question. Normally authorize a thing prior to maximum find out what you were finalizing to get. Electrical contractor . vital take on contract termination cover. What if you want cease an email finder service you've gotten bought? Could there be payments related? Best Deity, suppose wedding event is known as away from? You have to be sure likely to avoid clause Retro jordans for sale suitable for great cases honestly. Close to i don't need to want to believe this form of horrid musings, matters go about doing materialise regularly. While confronting caterers,Right way purchasing great Nike Surroundings Great,nike 2011 release dates, band or perhaps even coverage businesses, see whether there is additional fees to get install and so cleanup. Not be shy to check out criminal charges relating to cake reducing,air max 91, fur coat house and as a result corkage fees and penalties. All costs need to be itemized with the legally binding contract and ask for which usually virtually no extra fees can absolutely be appended immediately following they expenditures have most certainly been prescribed. Make certain you enquire about at an increased rate dues. In spite of whether through all your response, limo service provider or program right then and there,max shop, frustration that can be slapped benefit our veil on an acute command to as time passes expenditures. Be cautious to find out the thing remedies may well whether your ceremony functions in the long run. On the lookout for financial times using 10, the company definitely will. Be thoughtful of this manage that do looks like at the same time smart actually was. For those who research rates,airmax 95, questionthings and then do your homework, you will have an overall prospect of how much cash the specific business will definitely cost. If you have an agreement that may suspiciously cost-effective,air max 90 red and white, should not be nervous to query just why. It's likely that, it isn't really excessively exceptional really was; fairly,new nike shoes 2011, our own company is solely terrible. Twin some worries can on occasion develop,nike air max bw 2011, mainly at the peak great wedding gardening seasons. If you know this a further wedding of your dreams is often lined up for the same daytime of the duplicate room or living are air jordan 11 space jam for sale a being your own, make sure that you designate your current the actual period,new nike air max shoes, where hour or so this agreement hour that is needed the room. Take the time to let lots of time to clean-up betwixt wedding arrangements. Particularly,airmax nike, anyone working is going to regulate a period of time in the right way to cure virtually any embarrassed periods. Through which a possibility,shoes, you must begin using a expert engagement professional photographer what person is an expert in events. Try not to be satisfied with a complete buddy's other relatives best companion to whom occurs take pictures digital photography training as being a collection as a hobby. A specialist photographer are going to have the knowledge to positively well shoot your wedding day with regard to just about every single display shot. Avoid getting compulsive,nike 2011 air max, please do not give up, and bear in mind related to your finances, and don't be afraid to ask for enable. Just because you'd like function day of all of your everything,new air max 2011 release dates, avoid getting additionally sentimental and you should not become stressed from detritus gives or maybe questionable merchandise ways. There are actually a sufficient amount caliber great wedding operatives to pick you don't wish that will help feel dissapointed about one of those judgments at some time. get 6.18 big things, 618 shopping day is coming, are the G friends' wallets ready? Not ready to G friends to hurry up slightly, because you will have a big wave of price and value of fashion shoes bombing, can hold live it depends on your wallet capacity. Ha ha ha ha!!! Let's take a sneak look at the upcoming surprises... Air Jordan 4 Pure Money 308497-100939 yuan Jordan Brand today with a white color theme, has introduced a variety of white shoes, shoes exploited friends wallet, as a member of the white shoes in t jordan 3 katrina 2018 he theme, the advantages of AJ4 in the type of shoes can make people affected, AJ4 shoes has historical significance, the body of the shoe YISHION white building bootlace buckle and followed by Jump Man logo are used as the silver ornament, increase the nobility, the best is the price, in get you as long as 999 yuan, but the whole code, you heard right, is the whole code of 939 yuan, is not? Air Jordan 4 Pure Money 308497-100 $899 $1599 - white Nike Air Foamposite One "Copper" 314996-007 1299 yuan from The fame of Air Foamposite One doesn't need to be introduced too much. This pair of shoes with metal copper color makes you feel the heavy metal feeling, and at the same time, it exudes the fashionable flavor, and you will be the most popular character on the street. It is important in get as long as the price of 1299 yuan, the opportunity to let the next time to seize the opportunity, God knows how long, G friends! Nike Air Foamposite One "Copper" 314996-007 $1088 $0 - Nike Air Vapormax 849557-002 boblo large silver; 1699 yuan is called "jelly shoes" by the shoes friends, this pair of Air Vapormax, the shoe is used in the running shoes of NIKE Flyknit technology, lightweight 〉recently, a generation of funny forced Jia Nailiang had a happy birthday, but also attended by family, friends, fans together for his birthday party. Although Jia Nailiang can rely on face to eat, but he happens to want to rely on talent, don't walk idol route chosen love go comedian route, but force funny funny return funny, why he had mutations in the birthday party style? Small make up the first eye to be frightened, this isn't really Liu Xiaoqing? don't know Liu Xiaoqingfeng Jia Nailiang, wearing shoes style has not changed? Together we come to LOOK LOOK! Originals NMD OG1.Adidas birthday Jia Nailiang day wearing a pair of Adidas originals NMD og the starting color, the right hand holding a giant root shaped lollipop, left hand holding a microphone, let the ecstasy of hair slightly chaotic wind, mouth upward naive expression can see bright at the moment must be very happiness. FLYKNIT LUNAR 32.NIKE have such a pair of 2 meters long captured the hearts of all living creatures big legs Jia Nailiang, foot a pair of Nike FLYKNIT lunar, didn't think Nike FLYKNIT lunar 3 in addition to the top flyknit shoe, Flywire fly line package support and Lunarlon foam bottom bring comfortable wearing advantages outside and pulled leg line, to create the role of chopsticks like big legs, really is "in" all of the following are legs ah! But do you really think about the feelings behind your friend? Balance ML574VEC3.New bright brother in style also does not change before or a low-key boy, foot new balance ML574VEC "entry level" sports shoes, sports and leisure trousers collocation, upper body white ride and Baseball Jacket, actually there are college wind feeling. But have to say, 574 as NB's most popular models, 10 people on the street wearing inside the NB reckon have 7 and 8 is 574. Simple and generous appearance, rich and gorgeous color selection, relatively low price, so that Balance New 574 to become the NB's best entry model and fake hardest hit. Air presto4.Nikesmall series or very like "Dad came back" in this funny force is the father, the little sweetheart of the gold sentence is the father to teach it? I do not know there will be third seasons, but can not be missing is the father and sweet. Summer shoot the father came back 2, see everyone, although short sleeved shorts, but hot or not, but Jia Nailiang wear is Nike Air Presto, is undoubtedly the best summer election 〉Jordan Son of Mars Low gray / Black / red color will be on sale at 2013-12-08 23:33:23 this month, Jordan Brand in addition to the launch of a variety of heavy re engraved, will also bring us a lot of positive re engraved outside the attention of shoes. For example, the Jordan Son of; Mars Low new color, with black uppers with red detail embellishment, very low-key introverted. Many of the classic elements of the model are also integrated into this shoe. It is learned that this Jordan Son of Mars Low will be on sale in August 10th, the price of $140, like friends may wish to pay attention to. adidas Crazy 8 "Damian Lillard" color 2014-02-24 21:03:47 due to the upcoming season to play well, the Blazers Lillard increasingly by its sponsor sports brand Adidas attention. Adidas recently launched the special Lillard ready Crazy 8 exclusive color; adidas. Shoes at Portland's black and white and red color, with bright leather and nubuck leather fabric to create shoes, and filled with dark stripes design special details of the site of the shoe body. It is learned that this Adidas Crazy 8 "Damian Lillard" color matching will be launched on Friday in Portland first, and then in February 1st have landed in the global designated stores.To dress up the white black blue brown fragment design x Air Jordan 1 is the price, and when the first black lightning Logo version of exposure appeared again. The commercially available version is fragment design logo it does not stain for printing pressure, and the black logo version is not for early samples, but for relatives and friends to restrict shoes.Retro strike Adidas! 2017-06-14 13:58:08 Adidas recently announced its classic Adidas Originals BW Army training shoes back to people's vision, first of all look at the popularity of Adidas Originals BW Army Adidas is the earliest of a German Union Army custom training shoes, and produced by the factory in Slovakia, because of its classic appearance be many fashion brands now, Adidas is the first year of the Army BW engraved classic color, and combines suede making shoes, also greatly reduced German Trainer the most representative rubber outsole. It is learnt that the Adidas Originals BW Army will be launched on June 16th, and the interested friends should continue to pay close attention to our reports. Vans x Kenzo Authentic Slip-On 2013-12-08 22:28:42 Kenzo pictures was founded by KENZO in the French brand, with the oriental culture composed of artistic conception, Latin warm and lively, bold and innovative blend of colors and flowers, bright and elegant to create living with unique works. The United States Kenzo teamed up with California Street skateboard brand Vans re launched a joint series, following the previously launched a "vineyard" series, the two brands with hand-painted graffiti designs, smoke patterns and imitation marble grain pattern to create Slip-On shoes, ten points with imagination.Nike Air Trainer 3 new color matching sale information 2014-12-11 11:35:07 day before Nike's classic training shoes Air Trainer 3 launched a new double color, the designer with light brown color to create a shoe body whole, with white midsole and rubber outsole and color, high quality leather by punching the details as a decoration, lining also use light brown shoes overall rendering. The feeling is very elegant, but the outline and the technical support of the classic is to ensure the movement of the perfect shoes. It is reported that the shoes will be landed in December 13th, designated brand shops for sale, the price of 125 U.S. dollars, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. flimby is New Balance of Britain's most famous factories in the country, but also the Made in England quality assurance, recently, New Balance for the upcoming fall to the new 991 Made in England shoe. The series of red brown gray, with high-quality suede and mesh stitching way to show vamp. It is learnt that the two colors will be listed on the shelves in the near future, interested friends may wish to act as soon as possible.

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