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The famous designerreebok-instapump-fury-road-black-team-purple-white-collegiate-royal-gold-white-2.jpg (86.71 KB, download number: 12) download Reebok Instapump Fury Road foot shot 2015-2-28 11:28 upload from October last year, on the "world shoes", Guangdong, Dongguan shoe prices closed down a lot of rumors, and now more than half a year, it was said that hundreds of shoe factories closed down. This statement has been confirmed by a head of the Asia Footwear association. He said, including Dongguan, Guangdong province has nearly 6000 shoe factories, the past year closed more than 1000, but there is no need to make a fuss about such a result, this is only the result of the reshuffle inside the industry. From 2002 to 2008, China's shoe factories soared from more than 20 thousand to more than 30 thousand, but the consumer population did not expand correspondingly, resulting in overcapacity. Dongguan also cannot avoid this kind of competition, the shoe factory of weak strength has close down one after another, this is the inevitability of the market and industry. inevitable inevitable, but people face the collapse of the whirlpool in the struggling Dongguan shoe enterprises, do not make a fuss about it. Objectively speaking, the enterprises that have been closed down and faced with the threat of closures are indeed worthy of sympathy. High oil prices led to the footwear industry raw material prices soaring, shoe enterprises bear a huge cost pressure; by undertaking the single to earn a meager profit most of Dongguan shoe enterprises, from the beginning of July last year, had to face down and the export tax rebate adjustment of processing trade policy challenges; for various foreign Chinese shoes export anti-dumping and trade protection measures more severe, more than ten percent or even tens of percent anti-dumping duty Chinese export shoes enterprises become unbearable; the continuous appreciation of the RMB, let China ex Cheap foamposites for sale port shoes enterprises to assume more of the costs of trade; domestic labor costs continue to rise, many shoe enterprises began to face the dual problems of raising wages and employment suffer the shortage of the. The above factors can easily be imagined as to the living space of the domestic shoes enterprises, and their days are really difficult, and they are indeed worthy of sympathy. however, in spite of our sympathy, if taking into account the domestic footwear industry in recent years, the rapid expansion of the development process of the formation of the abuse, which has been long-standing to the nth degree, then a large number of enterprises in a short period of time on the collapse phenomenon in objective factors promotes the industry, in reasonable, does not get excited over a little thing. At present, China's footwear industry overcapacity, export enterprises are too large and small scale, a considerable number of shoe prices exist short-sighted behavior. Companies focus on product development and investment in science and technology, production with OEM or ODM, imitation, plagiarism is serious, is not willing to spend the time and effort to make market investigation and analysis, which leads to the problem of enterprises in the international market information not informed, product design style, a variety of single lag, poor comfort, product the grade is not high, the total selling price is not up, wandering in the middle market. In addition, in the process of foreign bidding, China's shoe prices to keep prices down, vicious competition, but also make shoes prices can not be raised. in addition to technical and quality reasons, the other prominent development of China's footwear industry is the serious lack of its own brand. In the world Song Dynasty official website on August 2nd (reporter Xia Chedan) reported last night, Beijing opened brilliantly illuminated, people such as weaving, singing and danci air jordan 11 space jam for sale ng, lively and extraordinary. Suddenly a gust of wind, clouds in the sky over the city, a dark. Will undoubtedly be a storm coming, at this time the kaifengfu, all the adults are discussing the governance problems in Huaihe, this problem has been in suspense from history, now Huaihe's water level and beyond the warning level of 21 feet 3 inches, Yao Xiangjiaba breaching of the dike imminent. /〉Under Armour, the respected outdoor shoes Fat Tire hailed the hovercraft, and this is the brand back to the flexibility and comfort is further improved. The new Fat Tire Mid and Fat Tire Onda arc shaped sole to find everything fresh and new feeling, and the cortex of the shoe body and face the harsh terrain and conditions seem to take it leisurely and unoppressively. under-armour-fat-tire-mid-1.jpg (171.29 KB, download number: 6) download Under Armour Fat Tire Mid & Onda 2016-11-3 10:28 upload under-armour-fat-tire-mid.jpg (156.25 KB, download number: 5) download Under Armour Fat Tire Mid & Onda 2016-11-3 10:28 upload under-armour-fat-tire-onda.jpg (167.56 KB, download number: 5) download Under Armour Fat Tire Mid & Onda 2016-11-3 10:29 upload under-armour-fat-tire-onda-1.jpg (144.84 KB, download number: 5) download Under Armour Fat Tire Mid & Onda 2016-11-3 10:28 upload under-armour-fat-tire-mid-2.jpg (104.52 KB, download number: 6) download Under Armour Fat Tire Mid & Onda 2016-11-3 10:28 upload under-armour-fat-tire-mid-3.jpg (208.43 KB, download number: 5) download the attachment 0jogger pants is the earliest and the high-profile popular street brand Publish Brand, recently teamed up to MLS football occupation Portland Timbers (Portland wood) launched a set of commemorative Note Series has not. The series will be printed with wood team characteristics into a single product, in addition to the COACH JACKET brand T-shirt, and at jogger pants, and a wood cap as a foil; cool black color to make the whole jordan 3 katrina 2018 street full of avant-garde sense. The Publish Brand x Portland Timbers "Timbers by Publish" series is now landing Publish Brand official website and mlsstore online store, interested friends may wish to go pick. The most representative Nike, Foamposite, Nike, Air, Foamposite, One, and Nike Air Foamposite Pro Air are inspired by a beetle. Designer Eric Avar has changed the beauty of sneakers by using a molded foam material. He also commented on this: "There, was, no, brief, It, was, pure, experimentation."". Nike Air Foamposite One Anfernee Hardaway boots in 1997, it created a landmark avant-garde design, can provide the package and support for the good basketball player's feet, so as to improve the overall stability. The midsole uses improved Zoom Air and a large carbon plate support, and the transparent crystal rubber outsole shows a more modern touch. Foamposite Pro is the first double Air debut in the 1997 playoffs, although little difference in appearance and Air Foamposite One, but still rely on their ultra high performance and unique shape subverts the inherent cognition of basketball shoes design and material. Now, in the WZK SHANGHAI store, the theme is "blood 12 soul x WZK SHANGHAI" Foamposite special exhibition activities. Including over the years a variety of Nike, Air, Foamposite shoes treasures, to show the shoes of enthusiasts love "bubble" love and pursuit. part Foamposite treasures review Nike, Air, Foamposite, One, "ROYAL", , this is an earlier version of the Nike, Air, Foamposite, One, ROYAL, which is more distinctive than the commercially available version". You can clearly see the shoe side of the Nike words, which later did not appear again, but as a classic "blue jet" of the prototype, you can see the shoes of this kind of object is also very rare. Nike Air F〉& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Yesterday, the Chines foamposites for cheap e Basketball Association out again ticket, Beijing Jinyu men's basketball player Li Xuelin because second consecutive failure to require the wearing of league sponsor Li Ning brand shoes, subtract the Beijing Shougang league club is funding 100,000 yuan. He had just fined two million. Compared to last year, this season, the players did not seek to wear sneakers fined circumstances reduced a lot, but Li Xuelin is rather special, because the situation is more complex personal sponsor's sake, consecutive rounds fined him misfortune became "only child." Nike miscommunication on both sides In fact, this is not the first year, Li Xuelin similar problems last year, but also because he did not wear the designated sponsor of the league fined two brands, largely because of poor personal sponsorship Li Xuelin brand communication due. Nike every year there are 13 players places, it can pay to buy them wearing Nike sneakers in the league qualify for these 13 players. This year is no exception, Nike is also purchased 13 places, but which does not have the name of Li Xuelin. "Li Xuelin signed Nike Taiwanese companies, and the annual pay for the designated player in the league before, let them race wearing Nike shoes is Nike's Greater China companies. Greater company paid the money for the players, naturally want to be able to let his signing players to play wearing sneakers instead of Nike Taiwan's signing players, it will happen. "an insider said. Li Xuelin third still changing his shoes Last night, the third round of the second quarter, Li Xuelin off the bench, but he was still wearing Nike shoes. This also means that he faces a third was fined. Li Xuelin do not want on their own are not required to wear specific brands of shoes to explain the reasons, until the problem is not completely resolved, he can also wear their sponsors brand shoes play. In fact, Li Xuelin themselves relatively difficult, first signed his personal brand is cheap air jordans online Nike, he was naturally in the race to wear the brand's equipment for its endorsement. But since he came to the CBA to play, in accordance with the provisions of, CBA players must wear shoes match official sponsor of the product, so the problem is stiff in here. If you wear Li Ning shoes, and their sponsors can not explain, if wearing Nike, the CBA will have been punished. Li Xuelin before Li Ning Company to allot several players evaluated relatively good shoes, but because the agency brand's sake, Li Xuelin did not try, and now he can only wait for both sides of the Nike company to solve the problem through negotiations. Solution only two in accordance with the provisions of the CBA, the players are not required to wear Li Ning shoes penalty amount will be 20,000, 100,000, 200,000 increments until the full penalty of 1.5 million yuan cap. So this has been fined Li Xuelin not the way to go, but now there are only two solutions: First, the original Nike Greater China company pulled a designated player, the places for Li Xuelin. Second, determine if Nike Li Xuelin not pay, then let Li Xuelin wear Li Ning shoes tournament. Nike's designated players, usually to be determined according to the player's level of performance and exposure and other factors. Zhejiang Guangsha played in Lawrence Lam and Li Xuelin similar situation, but because Lin Zhijie performance in the game more prominent, he has occupied the 13 players in one of those places. Nike currently require both sides to communicate, because they buy the 13 seats available, so if they want to wear their own brand of sneakers Li Xuelin play, other teams can only take down one player, even to the places Li Xuelin. If you follow the current exposure of the Beijing team, the Li Xuelin definitely worthy of a quota, but if Nike reluctant to do so, then the only clear notification Li Xuelin, allowing him to play in the match wearing Li Ning sneakers. response Beijing team puni cheap air jordans shed Mozhe According to the league's manual, Li Xuelin not seek sponsors wearing sneakers, fined the club but it is Beijing Shougang, CBA league will subtract funds Beijing club, but this club does not do much, can only try and Players communicate, promote problem solving as soon as possible. "because Nike is Li Xuelin own sponsors, we can not interfere with the players as the club's commercial contracts, can not ask him to wear that brand of shoes." Yuan Chao, deputy general manager of the club said that the problem actually make the Beijing team also very hard to deal with, "In fact, the last few seasons, I'm learning all similar problems last season, Nike is making the three after four rounds, and only then put the name of Li Xuelin in the 13-man squad. This year's situation is similar with the previous . " Now Li Xuelin consecutive because there is no designated in accordance with the requirements of wearing sneakers and fined, in fact, disguised to pressure Nike, prompting them to solve the problem as soon as possible. Yuan Chao said: "I can only say that all aspects of the active efforts to solve this problem, there is a recent result." BACKGROUND "Li Ning," Li Xuelin who provide 3 shoes In fact when the start of the league this year, conflict is far from fierce on shoes last year, according to Beijing Youth Daily reporter, this year, the vast majority of league players have received their allotment of Li Ning shoes, and Li Ning also improves service, to meet the needs of the individual player a lot. Last year, the reason why a lot of players and clubs contradict Li Ning, and the league because they signed late, did not have time before the start of the season earlier time the product sent to all clubs. But this year is different, even after the end of last season, has a lot of shoes have been sent to all clubs, and players after a long period after the try, were more accepting of the product. Relevant person in cheap jordans for sale charge of a Li Ning said: "We give the players, whether shoes insoles, or in the end many of them are special, are commercially available versions of a lot of players have their own special needs, such as our Gong Songlin. offers five models of shoes, to see what he thought the best style and softness, including many special foot, we have for them special shoes. Our services essential to meet all the players. " So before the start of the league this year, there are more than 160 players CBA Li Ning sneakers expressed satisfaction, satisfaction is relatively high, and many foreign aid also spontaneously wear Li Ning shoes, including Tianjin, Telfair, Lamy Sichuan Zana, they were wearing Li Ning shoes tournament. A southern club's manager, said: "This year the players Li Ning is certainly more accepted, they put the product distributed from early club, the players have more time to adapt, it is certainly better than last year." Before season, Li Ning Li Xuelin also to provide more than three shoes to try, but Li Xuelin and do not accept. "Maybe because of personal preference Li Xuelin still can not accept the brand, but we still got a lot of shoes players recognized." Li Ning responsible person to accept the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, he said, "including Sun Yue included, are in the league by provision wearing our shoes, and Sun Yue also specifically requested as soon as we make the Beijing team color of the shoes for him, the best shoes embroidered on the back of his number '9', which we will meet soon. " Link Basketball Association franchise list of only 16 people In fact compared to last season, this season, more attention to the rights protection CBA main sponsor of this year before the start of the season, the CBA says that is necessary to safeguard the interests of sponsors, in addition to the list of franchise players, other Players must wear Li Ning shoes. "Last year, the beginning of the league, the CBA may take jordans for sale into account a lot of players new to Li Ning sneakers, but also want to give them a grace period, to let them adapt to the new shoes, but this year with a lot of players have adapted, so if this year irregularities, penalties will be relatively strong. "A Basketball Association official says. In the previous CBA franchise list, a total of only 16 players, 13 of whom are Nike signed players, including: Yi, Chen, Zhu Fangyu, Wang Shipeng, noble, Limu Hao, Wang Zhelin, Liu Wei, Zhang Bo, Sui Ran Ding Yan Yu-hang, Duan Jiang Peng, Lawrence Lam, addition, Wang, Han Dejun and Ding Jinhui and other three players, you can wear other brands of shoes, but must cover standard, which is mainly taking into account the three of them do have injuries in the body, so you can wear the original brand shoes. Besides, is not required to wear any shoes behavior will be punished. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)Jordan Dub Zero is the essence of a variety of Air Jordan is set in one, AJ4 AJ6, AJ13 sole, heel shoes, AJ12 tongue and AJ20 laser pattern ... Nike now, this section specially opened a custom service, uppers are equipped with leather, burst pattern, pearl and other styles, but also into the luminous and ink and other personalized design. offers some renderings for you to enjoy, ~ two days before the end of the month we have reported the upcoming release of the Kobe 9 Elite "Victory" color, from today to get the picture that the ankle and the tongue black snake decoration, a continuation of the black mamba elements Kobe series. In addition, this shoes are now on sale in individual channels, interested friends can pay attention to. in recent years, the shoe-making industry in Shandong, Gaomi City province has developed rapidly, becoming the leading industry of "four small commodities" in the city. Since last year, in the face of increasing international financial crisis, through increased innovation, improving quality upgrade, and actively implement the "civil war" strategy to win the market. Through hard hitting the northern market, the current consolidation of the existing North most customers, and firmly occupied the northern footwear market. At the same time, some large footwear enterprises in the south are basically in a state of maintenance because of the high prices of raw materials and the rising wages of workers and so on. Many large orders have been unable to meet them, and there has been a blank market". Gaomi City shoes industry association to this information in understanding, to seize this opportunity, taking advantage of formulated "south" strategy, quickly organized footwear production enterprises rushed to the south, by organizing fairs, product exhibition and promotion and other forms, and actively communicate with customer contact, to promote Gaomi City's superior traffic and humanity environment and advantages of product price, quality and other advantages, do everything possible to fight for export and domestic orders, and accepted the south to attract many customers came to negotiate business, to quickly fill the caused by the international financial crisis on South market vacancies, reached the goal of expanding the development space. It is understood that since this year alone, Gaomi City shoe enterprises through the "civil war", to the south for a total of customer orders amounted to 160 million yuan. Among them, West Lake Jian Lida shoes, shoes and other hamsters 6 enterprises through the implementation of the "civil war" strategy, due to shortage of orders and the realization of the capital expansion. Among them, the dense water street built Gaomi City's largest footwear City, and formed three West, and Jiang Jia Tun Yang Ge Zhuang 3 big shoemaking industry gathering area, new advanced shoemaking production line more than 150, with an annual output of shoes, men's leather shoes, women's shoes, leather shoes, casual shoes, children's shoes and other different types of products two billion. As of now, Gaomi footwear industry has grown to 787, of which 38 enterprises above designated size. "Haiyu" shoes was named A Well-Known Trademark in China, Gaomi City Province Association of small and medium sized enterprises have also been identified as "Shandong Province, the footwear industry base". and the commitment of Shandong shoe industry limited company, Shandong Feng Dun Leather Shoe Co., also through the implementation of the "civil war" strategy, and the "double star", "Hengda" and other well-known enterprises alliance cooperation, enhance the production scale and capacity, attracted many customers come to the south of, and have asked to sign the bill achieve sales booming. The company's general manager Sui Jinsen said: "at present, in the premise of pay close attention to product quality, as long as you grasp the rhythm of the market, you can in the current financial crisis in the strong wind and big waves, accounting for the development opportunities in the market, allow enterprises to achieve new development." (Editor: admin)In 2003, the Lakers and the total champion, although Lakers fans for regret, but this is still a lot of good memories of the fans, including Payton's power output is to let the fans remember. This time, Nike in this particular period of new design, use the Payton classic shoes Zoom Sonic Flight hybrid blueprint for the design, selection of black nubuck leather shoes black purple collocation gradient mesh fabric venom, with white and yellow details of the shoes side. item: 641333-001 release date: May 1st nike-zoom-sonic-flight-lakers-release-date-01.jpg (97.81 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-22 21:33 upload nike-zoom-sonic-flight-lakers-release-date-02.jpg (116.16 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-22 upload 21:33 nike-zoom-sonic-flight-lakers-release-date-03.jpg (112.21 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-22 21:33 upload nike-zoom-sonic-flight-lakers-release-date-04.jpg (69.15 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-22 21:33 upload nike-zoom-sonic-flight-lakers-release-date-05.jpg (85.21 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-4-22 21:33 Zoom Sonic Flight upload Nike, Lakers, the Lakers' 00Nike Free OG & Nike Free Breathe double release 2014-05-06 22:43:36 two new shoes, let people recall the 2004 Nike Free innovation debut glory. As the first shoe of Nike Free, the 2004 edition of Nike Free 5 introduced the concept of natural rhythm into the footwear design field with hinged outsole, and surpassed the applicable scope of professional sports shoes, becoming the flagship product in sports life. Ten years later, Nike Free OG and Nike Free Breathe were honored with classic design improvements. Among them, Nike Free OG outsole thickness once again cut, the overall contour is more slender, subtle changes make shoes more beautiful, let people aftertaste the first generation of Nike Free classic design. And Nike Free Breathe reshaped the 2004 edition of Nike Free 5 with new functional materials. Breathable, loose mesh material increases the breathability of the vamp. size? X New Balance 801 Vazee limited series offering information 2016-07-04 12:57:14Has just introduced the English shoe store size? With Reebok launched shoe money, attracted a lot of texture players attention. Just network exposed, they teamed up with New Balance launched a pair of very futuristic shoes, this time designers choose to 801 Vazee as the blueprint, using white, black, green, three colors throughout the whole, a large number of holes in the shoe, to ensure its breathability. It is learnt that the shoes will be sold in July 8th, and friends who are interested can pay attention to it.

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